Swagbucks TIP

right now you can get an extra swagbuck, by going to the homepage of swagbucks. Clicking offers, skipping all of them and you receive a SWAGCODE! Its as easy as that!


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For those people struggling to earn swagbucks on searches, my best advice is leave it alone for about 24 hours and do not spam your searches.

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Just traded in my old cell got 36 swagbucks!

Hey everyone I just traded in my old cell and got 36 swagbucks for it. I was really impressed with how easy it was. I recommend giving them your old stuff fro swagbucks because it is better than the trash!

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contest update!

The contest will end on August 25th 2009 and a winner will be selected at random to recieve the xbox 360! To be eligable you must sign up under me HERE and have earned 5 swagbucks. check out the Youtube video HERE

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Contest on youtube Channel swagbucksmic

I am holding a contest that anyone can enter. If you sign up under me as a referral for swagbucks at this link. www.swagbucks.com/refer/mic you will automatically be entered to win an Xbox 360! I will have the winner make a youtube video to show this is not a scam. good luck!

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New Tip to Earn Swagbucks

A new tip to earn swagbucks has surfaced. By using a proxy site, your IP address cannot be traced so your searches produce more swagbucks. try this proxy site and go to swagbucks and begin searches.


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